Why Are We Tuning Back In?

The United States has been witnessing record levels of people addicted to drugs and alcohol, with the opioid epidemic taking first place.

The United States is also seeing record numbers of suicide, depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). People have been looking to alternative methods of healing themselves opposed to traditional, allopathic treatments whose methods may leave much to be desired.

Psychedelics have once again made their way back into the pop culture. Long gone are the days in the 1960’s where freely “dropping acid” (LSD) in the streets promised rebellion and liberation from cultural and governmental powers.


The Trauma Dieta:

Cooking ayahuasca at Blue Morpho, Peru by Carla Giglio

Journeying with Mother Aya, as well as other entheogens such as iboga, psilocybin, and Bufo alvarius, has become a mainstream and accepted way to transform one’s life. These medicines are so powerful they are said to “reset” your brain or “wipe your hard drive clean,” giving you a new lease on life.

When all other traditionally accepted Western mental health treatments have failed to bring relief or resolution from whichever flavor of darkness resides within you, working with plant medicines are the last stop on the train to real healing. …

It was my first introduction to sananga. The practitioner of the Kambo frog medicine ceremony carefully dripped the drops of sananga into my eyes in preparation for the Kambo ritual. I was informed that receiving the stinging sananga would center my energy releasing any energy blocks stored in the body, leaving me calm, grounded and open to receive the Kambo.

Sananga has been used by tribes in the Amazon for thousands of years. Sananga is a liquid derived from the shredded roots of the Amazon jungle shrub, Tabernaemontana sananho. Tribesmen typically used sananga drops to improve their night vision before…

Nowadays, we often hear a lot of talk about the ego. Once known as a foundational and integral piece of the human psyche, the ego has come to be known as an internal dragon that needs to be slain at all costs.

Death of the ego is often the ultimate goal for serious spiritual seekers looking to breakthrough to their divine, authentic self.

For the every-day folks who may not want to embark on a disciplined meditation practice or to ingest ayahuasca in the Amazon to (temporarily) slay their ego, we still have to contend with our ego at every…


You would think by looking at my trash disposal habits that I was Godzilla.

But I’m not.

I’m a 5’3, single woman who expels way too much garbage. And I’m not proud of that.

Ever since I was a little girl garbage disposal baffled me. Where does it all go? Does the heap ever get smaller? What is the purpose of that garbage barge, anyway?

These were all legitimate questions for a seven-year-old to have. But I still have them, and there are still no real solutions to ridding the planet of all this trash.

The garbage, the pollution and…

Carla Gee

Conscious Breather * Psychonaut * Pitbull Mom

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